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Attorneys at law
All attorneys interpret the law and apply it to specific situations.

Auto accident medical assistance
Medical assistance when auto accidents occur.

Auto alarm and security systems
Installed to safeguard vehicles from theft.

Auto auctions
An auction where auto dealers bid on the vehicle of their choice. These auctions are restricted to the general public.

Auto financing, loan and leasing
Almost every firm, government agency, and organization has one or more financial managers who oversee the preparation of financial reports, direct investment activities, and implement cash management strategies. As computers are increasingly used to record and organize data, many financial managers are spending more time developing strategies and implementing the longterm goals of their organization. The duties of financial managers vary with their specific titles. They may also be called executive controllers, treasurers, credit managers, or cash managers.

Auto glass
Auto glass installers repair or replace damaged windshields and windows. Automotive glass installers and repairers remove broken, cracked, or pitted windshields and window glass.

Auto insurance
Individuals and businesses purchase insurance policies to protect against monetary losses. In the event of a loss, policyholders submit claims, or requests for payment, seeking compensation for their loss. Adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators work primarily for property and casualty insurance companies, for whom they handle a wide variety of claims alleging property damage, liability, or bodily injury. Their main role is to investigate the claims, negotiate settlements, and authorize payments to claimants, all the while mindful not to violate the claimants rights under Federal and State privacy laws. They must determine whether the customers insurance policy covers the loss and how much of the loss should be paid to the claimant.

Auto locksmith
Locksmiths are skilled workers who install, repair, and open all types of locks.

Auto salvage yards
Automotive dismantlers take apart secondhand vehicles, and buy and sell vehicle parts.

Auto schools
When you built your car for the soapbox derby, was your favourite part working on the body, making sure there were no dents, and that the paint job was perfect Did you polish and buff that baby till it sparkled If so, youd probably enjoy a career as a motor vehicle body repairer. Painters should have keen eyesight and a good sense of color. The completion of high school generally is not required, but is advantageous. Additional instruction is offered at many community colleges and vocational or technical schools. Such programs enhance ones employment prospects and can speed promotion to the next level. Body repair work has variety and challenges each damaged vehicle presents a different problem. Using their broad knowledge of automotive construction and repair techniques, repairers must develop appropriate methods for each job.

Auto seat cover, tops and upholstery
Automobile upholsterers repair or replace damaged upholstery in cars. They fit and repair upholstery and trim in automobiles, buses, vans, and trucks. They may work on seat covers, door panels, headliners, floor covers, convertible tops, and other upholstery.

Car stereos and radios
A custom car audio installation could mean anything from the upgrade of the radio to a fullblown customization of a car based around delivering exceptional sound quality andor volume from audio equipment.

Cleaning and detailing
Few of us can afford to splurge on the latest model vehicle every few years. Thankfully, there are car detailers whose job it is to keep our vehicles looking in top class condition.A complete detail includes Removal of any debris, bugs or tar from the vehicles exterior, Washing the vehicles exterior using a special detergent, Washing tyres, wheels arches and mud flaps, Cleaning and polishing windows, Drying the exterior using a chamois cloth, Vacuuming the vehicles interior, Drycleaning seats and carpet, Machine polishing the exterior, Cleaning the plastic surfaces inside the vehicle, Cleaning the door jams and door rubbers, Cleaning bumper trims, and Blackening the tyres.

Consultants and information
Auto Consultants offers first class nation wide professional automobile buying and leasing services, discount extended service contracts warranties, and automobile aftermarket products. Save you time, money, and get you the best price possible on your next car, truck, van, or SUV by taking the hassle and stress out of the car buying process. Any new vehicle, private, or commercial.

A car donation program can be an easy and effective way for your charity to raise funds. Itemizing vehicle donation taxpayers receive a fairmarket value tax deduction for their car donation. Auto donors also get the satisfaction of knowing they helped their favorite cause in a big way by donating a car. With a car donation program everyone comes out a winner. Car donation participants are able to get rid of an unwanted vehicle and support a good cause. The folks who buy a donated car at vehicle donation auctions are able to find a donated car that might have otherwise been junked. And charities are able to develop a valuable new revenue source from their vehicle donations.

Equipment and supplies
Removal of any debris, bugs or tar from the vehicles exterior,

Gas stations
Automobile service station managers supervise the overall operation of service stations. They are responsible for planning and carrying out policies for managing service stations.

Parking lot attendants are responsible for the storage and safety of cars left in parking lots and commercial garages. Parking lot attendants may direct customers to parking spaces or may be personally responsible for parking customers cars. Those attendants who collect money for services may be called parking cashiers. Attendants may also be called valets, front services agents, or guest services attendants.

Automobile rental clerks rent cars, vans, and trucks to customers. Automobile rental clerks may work for large car renting agencies or in small agencies. Car rental agencies are located at airports, bus and train terminals, as well as in downtown areas of large cities. The generic term for this occupation is counter and rental clerk. Regardless of where they work, counter and rental clerks must be knowledgeable about the companys services, policies, and procedures.

Service and repair
Automotive specialty mechanics repair only one type of system or component in automobiles, buses, trucks, and other vehicles. They may focus on brakes, suspension systems, or radiators for example. Mechanics may also be called automotive specialty technicians

Tires are designed and built with great care to provide thousands of miles of service however, at some point they may need to be repaired or replaced. Tire repairers perform the tasks necessary to repair tires of automobiles, trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

Light, medium and heavy duty towingrecovery service Towing driver do not do repair work of any kind, allowing to take your car, pickup, truck or motor home to any location you desire

Transport and moving company
Ambulances are used to move people who are ill or injured from one place to another. Ambulance drivers or ambulance attendants are responsible for operating these emergency vehicles safely while transporting sick, injured, or convalescent individuals. They may provide first aid when necessary. Motorcoach bus drivers transport passengers on charter trips and sightseeing tours. Drivers routinely interact with customers and tour guides to make the trip as comfortable and informative as possible. They are directly responsible for keeping strict schedules, adhering to the guidelines of the tours itinerary, and the overall success of the trip. These drivers act as customer service representative, tour guide, program director, and safety guide.

Work Clothes for the serious hobbyist or the automotive professional, include work shirts, pants, jackets, mechanics coveralls, and shop coats. Also authentic dealership uniform work clothes.

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