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Auto body repair and painting
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Antique and classic auto restoration and repair
Custom Restoration specializes in the customization of all makes of classic and antique automobiles. Premier rechroming facility.

Auto body shop
They straighten bent vehicle frames and repair damaged body parts of cars, trucks, buses, and sport utility vehicles. They may also be called auto body repair technicians or automotive collision repair technicians.

Auto customizing, conversion and restoration
Automobile body customizers install custom equipment and trim that alter the appearance of automobiles. They perform customized work to meet customers specifications. They may also be called autobody technicians.

Auto frames service and repair
Repairers chain or clamp frames and sections to alignment machines that use hydraulic pressure to align damaged components.

Auto glass replacement and repair
Automotive glass installers and repairers remove broken, cracked, or pitted windshields and window glass.

Auto paintless dent repair
Achieving entirely professional results when filling the dent to match the original contour. After the dent is filled, you may either apply a new finish yourself or have it done professionally.

Custom auto painting
Apply enamel or waterbased primers to vehicles with metal bodies and flexible primers to newer vehicles with plastic body parts.

Electrical work
Electric motor repairers test, install, rebuild, and repair electric motors, generators, power tools, and related equipment.

Motorcycle, motor scooter repair and painting
Bodywork including collision repair, frame repair, paint and body, paint stripping, refinishing and fleet maintenance for motorcycle and motor scooter

Photo inspection for insurance company
Make pictures of your car for insurance company.

A very thin stripe of vinyl tape or paint used to add style, form, and attitude to any vehicle.

Rust and paint removal
Remove rust, scale, and old paint from metal

Rust proofing
New cars and trucks are almost all painted with a clearcoat finish. Clear coats protect better than conventional finishes, allowing new car paint to hold up many years longer.

Truck body repair and painting
Bodywork including collision repair, frame repair, paint and body, paint stripping, refinishing and fleet maintenance for medium and heavy duty trucks, tractor trailers, RVs, motor homes, trailers and campers.

Work with insurance company
Individuals and businesses purchase insurance policies to protect against monetary losses. In the event of a loss, policyholders submit claims, or requests for payment, seeking compensation for their loss. Adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators work primarily for property and casualty insurance companies, for whom they handle a wide variety of claims alleging property damage, liability, or bodily injury. Their main role is to investigate the claims, negotiate settlements, and authorize payments to claimants, all the while mindful not to violate the claimants rights under Federal and State privacy laws. They must determine whether the customers insurance policy covers the loss and how much of the loss should be paid to the claimant. Although many adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators have overlapping functions and may even perform the same job.

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